Medical Marijuana Certification

News Bulletin: Effective November 18, 2019, NH residents only require one office visit in order to receive a medical marijuana certification card!

New England Medicine & Counseling Associates is able to provide medical marijuana certification for qualified residents of New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Rhode Island.

Maine & Rhode Island
NEMCA is able to use to certify Maine and Rhode Island patients via Tele-Medicine.
Tele-Medicine is a convenient, legal, and secure method to obtain certification from the privacy of your own home!

Please be advised that NEMCA maintains strict adherence to all Local, State, and Federal regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why get a card when there will be recreational marijuana available?

Recreational marijuana is currently not legal in New Hampshire, although it is legal in Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Even in States where recreational marijuana is legal:

  • There are limitations on usage
  • There is a limits on the amount a you can have in your possession
  • There are restrictions regarding strains
  • There is also no legal protection regarding employment for persons without a legal marijuana card
  • Many city and county have ordinances making marijuana use illegal even in decriminalized states

A significant amount of education also takes place through the process of obtaining a legal card.

With the future of legalized marijuana unclear, having a legal marijuana card is highly recommended.

What are qualifying conditions for medical marijuana?

This varies by state. Qualifying conditions are updated by each state each year. We recommend calling the office directly and we can inform and instruct you regarding the latest guidelines for your state.

Is my certification valid in other states?

No, each state requires individual certification. If you are a resident of more than one state, it may be possible to obtain a medical card from both.

Some states will allow patients with certification from other states to utilize their dispensaries, but only Maine currently allows this in New England.

NEMCA can provide the necessary form to use at Maine dispensaries upon request.

I have a long drive. Can I get qualified over the phone?

Patients wishing to obtain a medical marijuana card must have a relationship with a provider for a minimum of 90 days. This relationship can only occur in person.
This requirement is not only in the best interest of the patient, but is also necessary in order to comply with state laws.

Update: Effective November 18, 2019, NH residents only require one office visit in order to receive a medical marijuana certification card!

Does medical marijuana have any side effects?

Like any medication, marijuana can have potential benefits and potential side effects. Short-term effects of marijuana occur because THC rapidly moves into the blood stream and acts on cannabinoid receptors, leading to a “high” for users.

Cannabinoid receptors are found in parts of the brain that influence concentration, mood, sensory and time perception, memory, pleasure, and coordination. These effects of marijuana normally cease shortly after use.

Long-term effects of marijuana can lead to difficulties with learning, motivation, and concentration. Long term side effects from smoking marijuana can lead to respiratory and circulatory problems. Marijuana use has been associated with mental health problems including anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia.

Using marijuana while pregnant must be avoided as children born to mothers using marijuana have been shown to have learning and problem-solving difficulties as well as potentially other health problems.

The potential for dependency, addiction, and withdrawal can occur after marijuana use, even when it is used as a short-term medication. Marijuana withdrawal can include: anxiety, decreased appetite, irritability, aggression, and difficulty sleeping. Withdrawal symptoms peak after three to six days and will subside within 1-3 weeks.

Where are the dispensaries located?

AAA Pharmaceutical Alternatives – Manchester
Canuvo – Biddeford, ME
Greenway Maine – Auburn, Augusta, Bangor, Biddeford
Maine Organic Therapy – Ellsworth
Procure – Saco
Remedy – Auburn
Sticky Diamond – Rome
Wellness Connection – Bath, Brewer, Gardiner, Portland

New Hampshire
Prime ATC – Merrimack
Sanctuary ATC – Plymouth
Temescal Wellness – Dover, Lebanon

Champlain Valley Dispensary – Burlington
Grassroots Vermont – Brandon
PhytoCare Vermont – Bennington
Southern Vermont Wellness – Brattleboro
Vermont Patients Alliance – Montpelier

State-Specific Rules & Regulations

Call: 1-877-NEMCA-01 · (1-877-636-2201)